Dark Light

I have a very dear friend. We grew up in the same neighborhood. She’s a star now, making waves all over the world. But I know her in a way that few people do. I see beyond the façade of her fame to the emptiness in her life. It makes my heart ache.

People aren’t always as happy as they look. No matter how famous we get in this life, we’ll still be sad without what matters most. Don’t be too quick to envy, he’s sadder than you’ll ever be. She’s emptier than a konko (empty tin).

When we bask in all the vain materialistic glories of this life without connecting ourselves to the true source, what we become, is a dark light!

Dark light

dark light

I shine a great light on countless lives

But watch mine darken slowly

I’m the curve of the smile on countless lips

But the tears in my own eyes


I’m the blossom of a thousand flowers

Who watches my own self wilt from within.

I bring pride to my friends, my family, my motherland

And shame the source of this powerful gift


I fill the hearts of multitudes

And stare at the gaping hole in mine

I’m the envy of heroes and cowards

But feel disgust at what I see in the mirror


The chains I couldn’t see have me bound tightest

The puddle I thought I could jump over drowns me now

They don’t understand me, to them, I’m the typical star with issues

But what I really am is a lonely heart in need of you, you, you.


I’m towering strong on the outside, but crumbling down on the inside

It’s too heavy God, but I just cant get it off my back!

I know my past with its ship load of shame.

It haunts my present and blurs my future.

I’m dark light God, searching for true light. You.

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  1. nina said:

    beautiful piece again darling.. may God fill us up to overflowing that there will be no room for any other light, may he teach us to demonstrate his love to our world that they might be drawn to his true light, may we be his ever pleasing fragrance in the stench of this world. Lord help us!!!!!!!

    October 13, 2013
    • BenJ said:


      October 25, 2013
  2. Linguere said:

    Wow! Such depth in those words. Deeply moved. May we all be happy and content on the inside as we look on the outside.

    October 11, 2013
    • BenJ said:

      Ameeennnn!! Good to have you over J 🙂

      October 12, 2013
    • BenJ said:


      October 25, 2013

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