‘Rat Poison’ To God

Hi G,

Good morning. I’m in utter awe of you. You’re on a roll these days; keeping me in a permanent mind-blown state. Lost for words, lost in you. So well, you know, I just came to tell you how I feel this morning about your endless goodness. I didn’t come with a request list. If you want ‘do for me’ requests to listen to, well it’s not going to come from me, not this morning at least.

I just wanted to check on you and see how you’re doing. Had breakfast? I’d have made you bacon, but…the cows on a thousand hills are yours and they just wont do. All the trees in the forest of Lebanon aren’t enough to make the kind of barbecue you deserve. Tea? you’d like tea? ah but if the earth is your footstool then I doubt all the sea will fill your teacup, even half way.

I’ll have made you rice but me and the asians ate all…you made us rice masters, in your own image abi?

Question; when you watched me sprawled on my bed like a pancake and snoring like the instrumentals to an amateur R&B track, were you jealous? Did you wish you could sleep too? I know you stretched out the sky like a curtain over the earth, so when you nudged the sun this morning did you yawn and stretch yourself?

I don’t know how you manage it G, but it’s frightening just how well you’ve got it all figured out. Who taught you that?!!!! My favourite trick of yours is how you manage to be there always but not there. Like, I don’t see you, yet you’re more visible than this laptop I’m using know. I cant touch you, but I feel you as much as these Chinos I’m in. I don’t hear you, but you’re more audible than this annoying ring tone of mine. I don’t taste you but your flavour is in all the testimonies you drown me in. I’ve never smelled you, but your fragrance leaves a silly smile on my face all the time!

How do you create senses and make them senseless? I need mental energy to work today so I’m not going to expend it on some futile venture to figure you out. Your buddy HS unveils you to me in bits and honestly, it’s defribilating!

Thank you for being a great dad. It’s amazing how you lead me by the hand and teach my hands to war without breaking them into bits. lol, don’t let me start with ‘amazing’ before I’m late to this job you’ve blessed me with and come asking for another. Thank you G. Really, thanks! I see your eyes wide open…waiting for it…waiting for the ask…but I told you, not this morning! It’s all about the nkura aduro (rat poison). thank you, no strings attached. Just thank you. xoxo

Your boy,


PS: Try your hands on your own letter to G. Be honest, ask silly questions, just flow. Even if it’s a one-liner. Let me know how it goes. Cool?

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  1. Rein said:

    felt like i was the one talking to God. Nice one

    February 14, 2018
  2. Bertha said:

    Hahahahaa great piece. Smiled throughout.

    February 13, 2018
  3. GeneralExcellenceKay said:

    Nkuraa aduro di3 3y3… haha… beautiful… this is good…

    February 12, 2018

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