Identity Check; Where’re You From?

Some time back there was this funny meme going round saying; Imagine you suffered on earth only to get to heaven for God to tell you “My son, I have no issues with blood money sakawa or fraud. I wont have held it against you kraa.” There was a picture of the guy holding his head in ‘Awwurade madi nkwasiasem!!’ style.

Of course it’s joking stuffs but I feel the imaginary cringe and pain that comes with realising you’ve denied yourself pleasures you could have enjoyed without consequences. Like when Solo said he’d seen slaves on horsebacks whilst Princes walked like slaves. Imagine that abomination! You were begging for a spoonful of the jollof meanwhile it’s yours o, but you don’t know so you’re surprised by your brother’s ‘kindness’ when he agrees to ‘share’ it with you. Chaiiii!

This 2018, my greatest prayer for you is to know yourself, who you are, what’s yours and whose you are. Not in terms of whether you’re from Ghana, Haiti or any of the other countries that made it to the infamous sh*thole list, but rather, what does your heavenly citizenship mean? Where do fear and anxiety come in vis a vis your identity as a citizen of a holy nation, royal priesthood and a peculiar people. Imagine you had an I.D card or LinkedIn profile that read for title; Member -chosen peculiar people, royal priest hood and citizen of a holy nation.’ What access and connection does that give you?

Imagine an actual diplomatic passport proving you are a citizen of the Holy Nation. Where would you need a Visa to? See I’m just trying to provoke you to imagine life with a correct sense of your identity.

My favourite and self-assigned official verse for 2018 says “If you believe Jesus is the Messiah, you are a child of God….Every child of is able to defeat the world. Our victory over the world is by means of our faith. Who can defeat the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the son of God.

I’m not making this up! Now I’m very determined to walk in victory this 2018 and by this binding word of God I realise it’s not a favour, it’s an entitlement, it comes with the package, it comes with the citizenship. Victory in my health, finances, relationships etc, is my bonafide property! And yours as well. You just need to know this for yourself and you easily can. Read Romans & Hebrews.

Fam, I respect all your resolutions and plans for this year. All the amazing things you want to see happen to you. But it’s going to be super difficult without a better understanding of who you are and what Jesus’ resurrection means for you. I know I’ve been hammering on this for some weeks now, but that’s because I’m on that journey and keep getting mind blown!

This 2018, I urge you to rely less on your pastor and more on Christ. Pastors are useful and good; normally they are messengers of Good News, but many of them have lost in translation messages to share, some of them also saw a bunch of messengers being hailed for sharing some messages and decided “hey, I can do that!”. The best best best of them is at best a good messenger, but the guy who sent him with the message wants, is dying, died to talk to you one-one-one! Know him for yourself. It’s only then you can discern which part of the messengers message is true and which is embellishment.

Another thing too is if a pastor,prophet is your only way of getting to know God better then you’re at the mercy of his sermon notes/plan. If it’s not in the plan to share something you desperately need to pull you out of some emotional rut, well you either wait till he gets there or rut some more. Who needs that when you can build a solid relationship with God yourself? It’s much easier to build a relationship with God than your pastor, trust me. Much easier to book an appointment with God than your prophet. What are you waiting for?

Yes if you’re sure your pastor is legit, lets his messages be your top-up not your sole tank filler. It’s important if you want to seriously understand your identity in him. If you want to make 2018 as epic as you plan.

Before I drop this mic can I say one last thing? Your wildest best case scenario for 2018 didn’t even make it to God’s first draft. Know him better and the ramifications of your in-Christ identity. That way you’re sure this whole ‘shithole brouhaha’ has nothing on you.

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  1. Naa said:

    Aye!…Thanks Ben for this piece…It confirms that I’m on the right track of knowing myself, who I am , what’s mine and whose I am!

    Actually started reading the book of Romans few days ago and it feels good to know that when I give myself to God and surrender my whole life to Him, He uses me for righteous purposes.

    God bless you Richly

    January 17, 2018
  2. Darwin said:

    This is great. Thanks for the message

    January 16, 2018
  3. Belinda Owusu-Konadu said:

    Jesus is all that I’ll ever need .
    Tenkew Ben for this!!

    January 15, 2018
  4. Nana Kwame said:

    All I need is JESUS
    Thanks for the message senior

    January 15, 2018
  5. Marian said:

    Thanks for this! Happy New Year and more vim to you, Ben 🙂

    January 14, 2018

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