Advantages of Corruption!

Everything can be justified these days. As Ravi’s said several times “There is nothing so vulgar left in the human experience for which we cannot fly in some professor from somewhere to justify it.” Side-chics, masturbation, even the Swedish church revising the usage of pronouns in the Bible so that God is more gender-neutral and the Bible is more gender-inclusive (no kidding! Real stuff) Asem ooo!

But the thing that caught my attention the most is a video making the rounds about a frustrated local school teacher, teaching some primary school kids ‘The Advantages of Corruption.” I’ve posted it here for your viewing pleasure.

I’m not going to lie, on first watch, it is funny. I mean, looking on the serious faces of those kids, they’re not joking! They have this attentive look as if a Section B question in the end of term exams could come from there. And it’s almost an infectious rhyme “When I grow, I’ll chop Ghana’s money.”

It reminds me of a primary school teacher who had a terrible lisp.

Imagine dictation exercises where you were asked to spell words like ‘Psychology’, only it was pronounced as ‘pthsychology’, or ‘measurement’ pronounced as ‘methsamenth’. Like, I don’t care how anointed you are, you aint got no chance of getting 10/10. Or the Integrated Science teacher who only called those who came for her special extra-classes to answer questions, ignoring all those who didn’t but knew the answer.

So yes, this video triggered all those (now) hilarious memories, but it also got me a little worried. Will any of those kids grow with ‘Chopping Ghana’s Money’ as a mantra? or will it become some joke that they laugh about years from now? If it’s the latter, no p, we can manage. But if it’s the former, then it’s a cause for great worry.

Already naah, there are pleeennnttyy of capable, motivated corrupt officials in the system who can do bad all by themselves without the memory of an inspiring primary school teacher to help them, so what will this batch become? I’m worried o fam, and you should be too. I wonder if the current spate of corruption upsets you. I wonder if you feel/wish to do something about it or feel powerless. Really, I’d like to know. Because with videos like these making the rounds and teachers like ‘Teacher Bismark’ in the system, we either have to brace up for the worst or act now. What do you say?

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