God Loves Doughnuts.

Three years ago, due to undisclosable reasons, I was jolted into the realisation that I had to succeed much earlier than I’d planned. I realised that if I had to wait for the normal rate of advancement in my industry, I couldn’t pay the bride price for the daughter of the rich man I wanted to marry. Lol, which reminds me of one of my all time favourite Nigerian ads about this guy (Falz) being shocked by the 1 million Naira his prospective father in law was demanding as bride price for his daughter. If your data condition permits it, take a peak 😉 and let’s proceed.

You see, for such reasons as above, broda man has to be ingenious, has to find ways to make money from multiple legit streams of income. If your only shot at success is dependent on your boss getting in the mood to promote you, I don’t envy you at oooooorrrrr. For this reason, I am massively drawn to small boys and gerhs like me with massive ambitions. I have huge huge dreams, but among my friends I’m not the top dog kraa.

Like my friend Kofi runs Nsano, a multi million dollar tech company in Ghana. KB runs Chocolate, the fashion empire. TT runs Complete Car Care, giving car owners a bouquet of time and stress saving solutions at one place. Joshua is leading the Church of Pentecost in a major district, Kobe runs Carpentree, which turns ordinary kitchens into works of art, Senyo is making waves at the Miami Ad School, Matthew (recently devirginized by marriage)is combining marketing with MCing and half a dozen other massive things. Like the guys are just balling! I love that it turns my mind on.

But today I’m shining light on Yvonne, who’s company Frema is making me salivate right right now as I think of her doughnuts and the attractive packaging it comes in. You Yvonne, you were doing well at a top company that imported and distributed some of the top brands in Ghanian supermarkets, which meant I got ‘stock’ every now and then. Before I knew it, she said she’d quit and started a passion project.

I think that’s what makes the difference; passion. Passion makes the most herculean task feel much less tedious. So she started a company with the mission to give the best doughnut experience ever and I’m loving it on multiple levels. First because it’s downright delicious! There are varieties to make your head spin, and toppings to get your eyes watery. But I love it more because of the spirit of the person behind it.

I think when the Bible says the world awaits the manifestation of sons of God, it also means the world is waiting for children of God who know who they are and whose they are to reach and claim influence, to lead industries, to change the narrative about Shpirito being concomitant with mediocrity and average achievement. I love seeing Christians excel, because that in itself is a kind of evangelism. When all of Ghana falls in love with Frema doughnuts like I have and marvel at the unassuming lady behind it, they’ll pay more attention to her God when she gives Him the glory. For that reason, God loves doughnuts.

He loves Frema doughnuts, and He loves all the works of your hand that will bring him glory. He vested that talent in you, so using it to do great stuff to His glory is deep pleasure for Him. When I buy stuff from people whose enterprise glorifies God (like Frema), I get double pleasure; one from the downright deliciousness and two from the fact that I’m supporting a God-glorifying enterprise.

So I don’t know when you’re going to want to treat yourself of someone dear, but I have a delicious, scrumptious Godly idea for you; *hint hint*. If you tell Yvonne Ben sent you, she’s promised to give a special discount. Reach her via the contacts on those delicious pictures.

Let’s support each other. Let’s breathe life into our dreams. Let’s be part of each other’s success story. And let’s chase our own dreams as we do so. Bring that idea in your heart to life and you can count on me as customer immediately the need comes up. Get started fam, the world awaits your manifestation!

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  1. Godwin Namboh said:


    July 14, 2017

    Wooooow I’m really impressed and inspired

    July 11, 2017
  3. Sonia said:


    May 14, 2017
  4. Esi said:

    Great piece! What ever you do do it like you do it unto the Lord Col. 3 : 23

    May 14, 2017
    • BenJ said:

      Yuuppppp! You got that right.

      June 9, 2017

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