Easter And So What?

I hate forwarded messages. Okay, maybe hate is too strong, I passionately dislike them. I’m also not a big fan of recycled seasonal messages. This Easter, there’re a ton of generic images and messages going round. I’m not really interested in that because I think there’s a deeper issue. Look, you cant fool me. You know what Easter is all about. You know it’s about Jesus dying for your sins blah blah blah, the facts of the matter have been plain to us since Sunday School.

“It’s good to keep reminding ourselves” you say. But our issue isn’t forgetfulness, it is conscious indifference. We have so numbed our senses that all those Easter verses and images, they don’t really tickle us anymore. Easter, and so? People be sending whatsapps like “About this time, Judas  was getting ready to delete himself from the 12 disciples whatsapp group. It’s all fun and games. We’re more grateful for the long weekend than the blood that was shed. It’s not out of ignorance, it’s just that….and so what? Well, I’m going to try to bring it home. I’ll try.

When I was a foetus, I had an unusually big head. At the time, they didn’t care if it was genius or what, you had to go. The doctor gave my mum a hard choice “We either terminate your pregnancy, or that pregnancy terminates you. Don’t get it twisted, one of you will die.” I wasn’t born yet, so I wont have taken it personal, but my mum said “NO!. If I lose my life whilst having him, well so be it!”

I used to be white...then I bleached :-)
I used to be white…then I bleached 🙂

Since then, mum has made a few more epic sacrifices for me, but that just has to top it. See, she was bleeding so bad, the nurses thought it was a miracle we both survived. She was ready to die so that I live. So when I buy her Marina butter bread, Ideal milk, laughing cow cheese and PG tea week on week, she paid the price!

If mum had complied with doctor’s advice, there’d be no me, no Goldinwords, none of this! And I really appreciate that sacrifice, it’s so real to me. Nothing I’ve been able to do in this lifetime would have been possible without mum’s sacrifice. That’s why a lifetime of loving and honouring mum comes very easily to me. That’s my story, what’s yours? Your whole lifetime, has anyone made any kind of sacrifice for you? Doesn’t have to be as epic as mine, but can you think back to even just one moment where someone sacrificed for you in a way that’s helped shape who you are today? Could be family, could even be a stranger.

If you have felt the impact of a sacrifice, it’s easier to relate to what Jesus did. I am in eternal awe of my mum’s sacrifice, but it would have been meaningless without the sacrifice Jesus made for me. What would have been the point of being born into a world where I had no power in how my life turned out? Where to get to God (the only one who can help me) I had to go through some high priest in Israel? Where’s their embassy anyway? If Jesus hadn’t died for me, I’m not sure what I’d be living for. He paid the ultimate price, so that I can experience grace abundant and be rest assured that salvation had been sorted.

By His stripes I am healed, His blood speaks better things than the blood of Abel, He conquered sin, hell and the grave, He dragged the hordes of hell in his victory procession, He took power from everything I could be afraid of and put it in my hands…if only i’d believe…if only you’d believe. Because of His sacrifice, you are royalty, you are a joint heir of all His inheritance and a beneficiary of all the promises in the Bible. You are spotless and blameless in God’s eyes. You have dominion. you, yes you! You have more than tharty billion in your account!! The transfer was made when He traded His life for yours. It’s just a matter of claiming it.

So don’t tell me Easter is about Kwawu. Don’t call it a bank holiday and be done with it. Don’t acknowledge it merely out of some religious obligation then get on with your life. Don’t become so pathetic that you become indifferent, to His sacrifice with its eternal implications. For me, easter is not a service or a holiday or the black attire that some claim we must wear to mourn His death. It is a humbling reminder of the price that had to be paid, so I could enjoy all that I do and be all that I am and will be. For that, I say THANK YOU JESUS!

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  1. EC GERD said:

    Conscious indifference? Chai, i have been convicted. God Bless!

    April 19, 2017
  2. Naa Shika said:

    Indeed Thank You Jesus! Bless you Ben

    April 18, 2017
  3. Amy said:

    You’ve said it all👏👏…….I rest my case……God bless you!!!!!

    April 17, 2017
  4. GeneralExcellenceKay said:

    Thanks bro

    April 16, 2017
  5. Aure said:

    God bless u brother, you have brought the matter home

    April 16, 2017
  6. Leslie said:

    Asɛm na wa ka no bɔkɔɔ sei. God bless you bro!

    April 16, 2017

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