The Eloquence of Silence (Guest Blogger Kwasi Koranteng)

So there’s this saying, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” I personally had an interesting time confronting some unpleasantness this weekend and I just had to respond to it at first. I felt that I had to stand up to what I believed in all costs but it caused an escalation in events. Our guest blogger today speaks to me like I really needed it and I’m sure he’ll be speaking to you too today – a New Way of answering to provocation…


Daniel looked at his wife and wondered what she was up to.

‘Is she trying to kill me?’ He thought.

He had arrived home late… well past midnight… and she was silent….

Mrs. Anna Serebuor looked out as the rains lashed against the window. It was past midnight and she prayed her husband would come home. They had had a bad argument and her husband hadn’t come home last night. The tears flowed freely now, clouding her vision as she strained to see through the windows for any signs of her husband’s approaching car.

She’d come home the previous night very disturbed. She’d attended the Revolutionary Women conference and had come to realize how she had played a significant part in gradually creating the gulf that now existed between them – she was always nagging.

The words of the man of God kept ringing in her head; “Your greatest weapon is the gift of a meek and quiet spirit. Every man loves a stable woman.”

And he had gone on to give many examples.

“Look at Ruth. She follows Naomi to a place she doesn’t know, does what she’s told and gets to share in the genealogy of our Lord… Your people shall be my people… cool, calm and collected.”

Look at Esther. She did just as she has been told by Hegai and won the King’s heart. But she also in her pursuit for justice approached him with a lot of stability. No rants… she cooks for the King and Haman and even postpones the reason for the feast… talk about patience… cool, calm and collected.”

After Abigail had spoken to David…an inspiring speech really… to forgive her foolish husband Nabal… David made her queen. Cool, calm and collected.”


She jumped out of the couch when she heard the door open hours later – she’d apparently fallen asleep. She ran to hug her husband, gave him a peck and welcomed him.

Daniel had apparently come home that night with a ‘wordproof’ jacket, however. Nothing the woman was going to say was going to get through to him today – he was tired!

“Hope you had a great day, I prepared your favorite dish for you. It might be cold… let me warm it for you in a moment.” That was the first thing.

David stared at his wife throughout the night. She was asleep now, with a satisfied smile on her face, but he was troubled. She didn’t shout… she’d only said “Ok, no problem” when he said he was going to sleep because he had a long day.

He heard her hum a hymn when she was doing the dishes and she kissed him goodnight before she hit the bed.

“I almost slept with another woman…”.

She had just stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel and she felt as if she had just been slapped with a wet rag! She was about to reply from the instant hurt when she remembered… “cool, calm and collected.”

She smiled, and took off the towel turban on her head. Her heart was beating fast, however. She sat in front of her mirror and dried her hair with the towel. She turned to see him staring at her. He looked away when her eyes met his.

“’Almost’, right? Means you didn’t. I pushed you to do that and I am sorry. I know you thought about me and stopped.”

She didn’t even know she was already shedding tears. Daniel quickly jumped out of bed and held her close…

“I am sorry too…”


14 years ago and 3km away, 14-year-old Anna knocked on her mum’s bedroom door.

“Come in.”

Her mum had been giving her the silent treatment for four days now after she’d come back late from a party she didn’t even ask permission to attend.

Her mum had waited up for her… she could see that worry had drawn lines on her face. She knew she was in trouble and yet her mum only stood up and told her to lock up after she entered.

It had been torture for four days and she needed to break the silence. She stood behind the door as if she was expecting a lioness to leap at her. She was fidgeting with her fingers till she blurted out, “Mummy…I am sorry…I promise it won’t happen again.”

And she never did, even though that turned out to be where she met first Daniel. Under better circumstances at last, however, she finally met him again after 6 years.

There’s a power in silence that can magnify the folly of a fool. But though we are also admonished to answer a fool according to his folly, there’s an even more powerful plea to ignore such an individual according to his folly.

The greatest part I believe many struggle with is the apparent silence of God. If even we can employ it so masterfully to get people to confess even when they haven’t been questioned, then I think God does a better job at it. But He isn’t necessarily silent because you did something wrong… He’s ‘silent’ many a time because we are either freaking out so much that we cannot hear Him, or we tend to listen to too many other voices…

The voice of Anxiety and Worry can cloud our minds sometimes to the point that we so forget that He admonished us to “BE STILLand know that I am God’. Elijah could easily have missed the voice, expecting it in the wind, earthquake or the fire, but it was in what the NLT calls “the sound of a gentle whisper”.

At times, all you really need is silence. Create an arena of silence in the turbulence… and do what? Isaiah told us “He keeps him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.”

And in that void, you’ll find that silence speaks….” and eloquently too.



Tele: “Be still and know…”

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  1. akosua said:

    Indeed the power of silence.God help me in this area .bless u for a great piece.speaks volumes

    July 11, 2017
  2. Reginald said:

    Nice piece bro. Thanks

    March 22, 2017
  3. jesuszmaboo said:


    March 7, 2017
  4. Edmund lotsu said:

    I love this. If only I knew this some years back….

    March 7, 2017
  5. Angie said:

    *Silenced😊* thanks for the post! God bless you

    March 4, 2017
  6. MayD said:

    Beautiful…very needful lesson

    But the silence doesn’t work on some people o…

    March 2, 2017
  7. Akyaa said:

    I absolutely loved this piece. WORD!

    March 2, 2017
  8. Abena said:

    Had a similar conversation with some colleagues at work. God help me to know when to speak and when to zip it

    March 2, 2017
    • GeneralExcellenceKay said:

      Amen… God help us all

      March 2, 2017
  9. Adzo said:

    Exactly what I needed, be still and know …..Bless you wati!

    March 2, 2017
    • GeneralExcellenceKay said:


      March 2, 2017
  10. Aure said:

    Hmmmmm,dear lord Jesus pls help me not just learn but master this act too, amen

    March 1, 2017
    • GeneralExcellenceKay said:

      amen… he who strives for mastery is temperate in all things… more grace

      March 2, 2017
  11. Dzidzor said:

    Indeed Silence is Golden. Even a fool is thought to be wise when he keeps quiet

    Anyway, long time, no post Ben😊😊😊

    March 1, 2017
    • GeneralExcellenceKay said:


      March 2, 2017

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