To Beautiful Women…

pretty girlHi pretty girl,

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s harder for you to find true love, than it is for a plain Jane. You are so hot that most of your romantic prospects pursue you for the wrong reasons. The symmetrical evenness of your bosom, along with the delicate curvature of your figure, topped by the sheer aesthetic genius of your face makes reasoning an impossible feat around you.

Jerry, Nana Kwame and all those other guys professing undiluted, undying love aren’t fooling you o, they’re acting under the duress of your gorgeousness. Sadly, it’s not a permanent state; they will awake at a point, and then reveal their true colors, then you’ll feel used.

It’s not your fault, your looks compete with your virtues, and when the lingering effect of your beauty has waned, the erstwhile cool dude changes, wondering what it was he saw in you in the first place.

Your beauty does so much for you. You don’t stress to get lifts, in fact, any time you step out there’re a range of flashy cars to choose from. It guarantees you flashy gadgets, clothes and favors plain Janes wont get even if they extended their eyelashes to touch the top of their heads. Gye se w’anka, whatever material thing you could need is just a flash away. So why are you so lonely? Is it true that there are more beautiful women with low self-esteem than there are Chinese phones for sale at Circle?

Pretty baby, you are fed by the constant reminder of how beautiful you are, but why is it that when a day passes and no one says it, you begin to wonder what’s wrong with you? Is it that you don’t see that you are so much more than an evenly toned skin or flat stomach? And can’t you see that building your self confidence around what you see in the mirror and what men tell you is risky? Does it really tell the full story?

If you’re lucky paah and you find a good man to love you, hold on to him o. Maybe he wont have all the money in the world or all the bad boy swag you find amusing. It could be that he was so busy focusing on being a faithful man that he missed out on the swag class. Is he doomed for it? Me I don’t know o.

I also don’t know if you’ll be bold to admit this, but you are so used to attention and being dolled with gifts that you hardly get the chance to learn how to be selfless or genuinely grateful. It’s always been about you. I don’t know how else to put it, but that makes you very malnourished. Looking good alone is just enough to become a trophy wife. But you can be so much more than the equivalent of a Christmas tree.

If my opinion counts for anything, then please, don’t get carried away by guys from different income brackets chasing you on every turn. Focus on that one you know to be true and good. And don’t fool yourself; you cant make a platonic friend of every guy who chases you.

pretty girl 1There’s a price to pay for being so gorgeous; you cant flirt and get away with it. You cant be sloppy or tipsy. You’ve got to be very discerning. You’ve got to put in extra work to be known for anything more than a hot chick. The temptations you face are from the premier league. They come in blank checks and 6 packs.

I don’t know if you catch my drift pretty girl, but you really need some extra urge to stand a good chance in the long term. That extra urge must be God. You have more reason to be serious about Jesus than the plain Jane, because the hands trying to reach up your skirt are a crowd. In the end, there really is no excuse like #said in a nasal ‘Tweety-like voice “Me, I couldn’t become ABC, cos I was so darn pretty, and that made it difficult to resist XYZ. nya nya nya nya….”

Every minute you reason or do anything in your own might is one more minute under carnal anesthesia. Slow dier it’s slow mome, but when it’s seized you fully, you wont even be able to see what the big deal is with screwing married men.

Grab life support. Get serious about your relationship with God, else, pretty girl, little more will come of you than comes of a shallow, myopic Ghanaian rap artiste. Just saying.

Yours sincerely,
Fine boy 😛

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  1. Ama T said:

    This is great fine boy!

    December 3, 2015
    • BenJ said:

      Ooo stalllpit fine gerh (hands over face)

      December 4, 2015
  2. Naa said:

    Fine Boy! Hahahahaah! Thank you!

    April 21, 2015
    • BenJ said:

      lol. Thank you fine gerh.

      April 22, 2015
  3. Rammy said:

    Lol….fyn boi…tenkew Wai…im sendin ds to ma gals…. God bless u

    February 27, 2015
    • BenJ said:

      lol. Tell ’em Rammy, tell em! & God bless u more.

      February 28, 2015

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