Public Service Announcement: It’s in the Water!

Good evening people. I have a serious topic I’d like to talk about today.

There’s a silent menace most people aren’t aware of that’s going around causing mischief without the people mainly affected even realizing there’s something gravely wrong. Let me illustrate this even further.

dhmo - shelfThere’s this bit of information floating around through the ether we call the Internet I’m pretty sure most of you are not aware of. There is a growing awareness concerning a substance known as Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) which apparently has been present in increasingly more varied ways within our environment with frankly quite alarming qualities!

Let’s talk some science for a bit as it gets a bit technical here – Now its basis is the highly reactive hydroxyl radical, a species shown to mutate DNA, denature proteins, disrupt cell membranes, and chemically alter critical neurotransmitters. Its atomic components have been found in a number of caustic, explosive and poisonous compounds such as Sulfuric Acid, Nitroglycerine, and Ethyl Alcohol!

It’s been known to cause death when inhaled in even minute amounts, forms an integral part of acid rain, leads to corrosion and oxidation of many metals, is found in biopsies of cancerous tissue, and is even used in making coolants for nuclear reactors!

dhmo - rustsIt is used in the crafting of weapons for biological warfare, is a major ingredient in many home-made bombs, is used by both the Church of Scientology and the KKK on a frequent basis at many of their meetings and in most of their dealings, is used in cult rituals, was utilized in many concentration camps during World War II, and presently by many terrorist organisations – purportedly Al Qaeeda and ISIS still do on a regular basis.

“But why do we even need to know this at all, Tele?” I hear you ask right now…

Well, grab your seats for a second before I continue…

Are you sitting down?

Like for real, for real? Okay…

DHMO has been found to be presently in use even today in many of our everyday, seemingly mundane activities! :O

dhmo - wash offIt’s found its way into most of our grown vegetables – especially those with high fluid content, it’s used by elite athletes to promote high performance, it’s used routinely in formulating genetically modified plants and animals; it’s found in swimming pools for ‘maintaining balance’; is found in popsicles and ice cream in general, and even in daycare centres – purportedly for ‘sanitary purposes’!

I’m sure you’re wondering how come you haven’t seen or felt the side effects of it so far – or have you?! The working consensus right now is that with the pervasiveness of DHMO in our setting, humans have come to be in a sort of ‘balance’ with the environmental amounts of this substance so currently effects are only felt when the human body is either deprived of or overdosed with DHMO. This would be somewhat good news if only the amounts of DHMO needed to tip a person into deprivation or an overdose didn’t vary from person to person!

dhmo - craveSide effects of an overdose include excessive sweating, excessive urination, a bloated feeling, nausea, electrolyte imbalance, and dangerous imbalances between the Extracellular Fluid and Intracellular Fluid. Prolonged deprivation, however, may lead to xerostomia, severe generalized bodily weakness, the development of kidney stones, headache, delirium and even seizures. Both extremes, however, may lead to death!

“So how come we haven’t heard of it till now,” I hear you say?

Well…the mainstream media does not think it’s the sort of information you would be interested in, my dear friends. The general consensus is that DHMO has been with us for a long time and in light of the many positive effects it has, it should not be blacklisted just because of a few ‘negative’ ones…go figure.

dhmo - chemicalThe really good news however is that while they may not consider it worth the effort, the law is still The Law so almost all foodstuff you buy at the store or supermarket is legally required to have its components listed on its packaging – and if not, you may still ask the storekeeper to tell you if DHMO was used in preparing it. The only twist here would be the manner in which some manufacturers or countries might list DHMO – more of that in a second.

In summary, DHMO is quite the chemical – from nuclear bombs to cucumbers, to fire extinguishers and then day care centres. You may choose to encounter it regardless now, but at least you’re making an informed decision, knowing full well the pros and cons. Your Life is in your hands now  – Choose Wisely.dhmo - mortuary

Oh and some of the other names Dihydrogen Monoxide goes by are: Hydrogen Hydroxide, Hydroxyl Acid, Hydrogen Oxide, Hydroxic Acid, Hydroxylic Acid, Oxidane, and…Water.

dhmo - shy

Okay, okay, it’s not Prank-A-Goldinwords-Reader Day today, so I apologise for the deception and deeply regret all the pulled legs…like 95%.

If you were following the narrative, I’m sure by halfway through you were practically gung-ho about making some noise about this DHMO nuisance that people don’t seem to care about, right?

dhmo - misunderstWell, this is just what I wanted to talk about today – this was just a small example of how people can manipulate your view of thinking and rile up your emotions, fire up your convictions, and cause you to jump in on their bandwagon based on a lot of True Facts aimed at a Wrong Synthesis. If you would humour me now, pause for a moment here, even before you finish this piece, and go re-read the whole spiel about ‘DHMO’. It’s all really true, isn’t it? But then again, it isn’t really The Truth is it?

This is what we are exposed to everyday people. We keep being bombarded with ‘facts’ and because they seem to be true, we are led to assume that the synthesis is also true.

Our friends and mates do it – King tells Etornam (his tight friend since Class 4) that Afra (Etornam’s serious girlfriend) said out loud at the party last night that she could never be serious with dating an Ewe. Etornam offloads all his insecurities and worries on Afra shortly thereafter before unceremoniously dumping her at the Faculty during lunchbreak. King didn’t lie – Afra really did say that – but he ‘forgot’ to add that Afra was telling them about her initial misgivings to such a relationship a year ago. It was a true statement, but not a really ‘True’ one.

dhmo - see no eThe Media does it – a black man is shot by a white man in the street in a country with racial tensions bubbling underneath the surface in broad daylight and it turns out the victim didn’t even have a gun on his person at that time. Next thing you know, an ex-convict who did 6 years in the penitentiary for armed robbery/breaking and entering who also is a known gang affiliate and divorced father behind on alimony and child support payments was shot by a Fallujah war hero who joined the police force within a week after receiving the Key to the City who has a blind rescue shelter cat named Timmy.

And of course, the Politician does it too – “We built this road, they spoilt that one”,  “They were/are corrupt, I am/will not be”. “Your roads are bad, lemme fix them for you” ->He then proceeds to tender a proposal for re-doing one of the better roads within the Municipality, leaving the ancient dirt road project to disperse further into dust. “It costs $100 million to do”, he declares while tendering an estimate of said value, only to turn around and pay $70million to the contractor, tapping the side of his nose while smiling.

Add fear-mongering (where they deliberately try to arouse public fears on an issue) to the mix and all this disinformation goes down much much easier.dhmo - fear

I believe it’s about time we start asking for sources and busying ourselves with both the figures on the paper and the actual condition on the ground. Sometimes we think it’s not our business to examine the nitty gritty – how many of y’all have honestly sat through the reading of any significant length of Ghana’s Budget before?! It’s tempting and only too easy to “let the experts handle it” but just pause for a moment and countenance the cost: Etornam’s relationship is ruined because he didn’t even listen to Afra’s explanation because he knew he was Right because of the Truth he’d just heard. The shot black man did have that dubious history, same as the shooting cop. The politician also gives you ‘better’ roads at the end of the day, just not where exactly they count or at the actual cost of the service.

dhmo - halftruthHalf-truths are everywhere and come up to justify dodgy behaviour on a regular basis in everyday life. Some call them ‘white lies’, others are also known as ‘lies of omission’, removing the vital piece of information that changes the whole picture (like taking the single rivet out of a pair of scissors, rendering it useless); but whatever term you couch them under, they involve a deliberate obscuring of the vital part of a Truth, rendering it in essence – a Useless Truth.

I remember reading a story quite a while back in which 2 men in a village many years ago decided to ‘share’ a woman they dearly loved. The first guy took her upper half, then the second guy chose her lower half…stay with me now 😉 So, as things would be, she eventually got pregnant and both men claimed the baby. Guy 2 said it came out of ‘his half’ so naturally it was his, to which Guy 1 countered artfully saying that since the upper half – his domain – housed the source of nutrition for this young life there was therefore evidently more than enough proof that the baby was his! Putting all biology aside, they argued their way into the wise chief’s palace who solved the problem with a monologue that changed certain aspects of my young life:

“Saying that half this woman is yours and therefore the baby is yours,” he began, gesturing to both men in turn, “is a half-truth really – both true, and not true. Without his seed the baby wouldn’t be, but without her breasts to feed the infant, it will also cease to be. However because it is only half a truth, it cannot be the real Truth in this case because anything that is not the Truth is a lie. I declare that the woman is the mother of the child and should take care of her baby in peace henceforth because neither of you has any eɔclusive claim to this baby under these current conditions!”

Whenever I find out that I’m tempted to avoid the Truth by skirting its edge a bit too liberally, I remember that half a truth is not a full Truth and anything that is not a Full Truth is a lie.dhmo - half truth3

The take-away message??? Be concerned. Don’t accept just anything on face value. Ask the relevant questions before you make any decision because a wrong one could have disastrous or embarrassing implications for you…kind of like the people who regularly post and fill multiple petitions up till today for the banning of ‘DHMO’ in the UK and the curious case of radio talk show host Neal Boortz.

Apparently, he mentioned on air that the Atlanta water system had been checked and found to be contaminated with dihydrogen monoxide, reading out hazards associated with that “dangerous” chemical…which resulted in local TV station coverage of the ‘scandal‘… and even a spokesperson for the city’s water system telling the reporter that there was no more dihydrogen monoxide in the system than what was allowed under the law! :O :O :O

Always do due diligence.

I am reminded of a quote here, particularly relevant to this electioneering year and in such a politically polarized environment such as ours:

Politicians would only move beyond gestures once there was a critical mass of informed citizens.” – Paul Collier

Seek the Whole Truth, Tell the Whole Truth, and Adulterate it not.dhmo - halftruth2


…Tele 😉



  1. Akofa said:

    Hehehe. I almost raised an alarm on social media; thank God i read till the end.

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    • Tele said:

      Lollll Akofa! Thanks for reading to the end then 😀

      August 19, 2016
  2. Oye said:

    Tele, this is PASCO! Good one though.

    July 27, 2016
    • Tele said:

      Pasco, eh? But only to s/he who’s come across it before, no? 😀

      July 27, 2016
  3. Letitia said:

    Very well said! you got in I was gripping my seat, eyeballs bulging and all…

    July 27, 2016
    • Tele said:

      Thanks, Letitia. 🙂

      July 27, 2016
  4. Leslie said:

    Chale!!!!! nuff said

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      I know, ryt? lol

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