The Biggest Shock Of A Local Champion!


What does this have in common with jollof eh?
What does this have in common with jollof eh?

Culture is one the most beautiful things! Like it literally sparks new things in your sensualities, understandings, ambitions, everything! These few months, I’ve been privileged to experience different cultures first-hand. From the risotto alla milanese that nearly embarrassed me (because I had to smile whilst downing it as I held back nauseating pangs so as not to offend my Italian benefactors.) Then i was fascinated  to see German septuageneranian sweethearts chopping more love than naive university lovers.

Ama, wu nim se we’re in this for life right?

Of all the cultures, I found the French most fascinating! Gooooodddneess! The attention to detail of Ivorian woman, the mentality of the Senegalese wife and the music of the French world!!! It’s mind-boggling.

Most of the time when I get on Youtube to listen to good music, I usually base my choice on the number of views and whether it’s in a genre I like. When I see hundreds of millions in views, I like to see what it’s all about. Then I think to myself “kwerr, these guys are champions!”, but that was all before I searched for Bella by Maitre Gime. I’d fallen in love with the song in Dakar especially when it was explained to me that one of the lines meant “I wish to be anything, even a stone in your way.” (it’s not cheesy when you hear it in French, I promise.). So I decided to check the video out and I was like ‘Daasssrrryyttttt!’

Because most of your favorite songs are in English, it’s easy to assume that that’s all there is to music in this world. But oh, so much more views, such fresh beats and texture in French songs! ‘Bailando’ also draws you into a whole new world of Spanish music and all these just make you look at Kojo Antwi differently.

I don’t think it’s just with music; in cuisine and culture and many other ways, there’s more to this world than what your FM frequency catches. That’s especially why no one should reach the point of complacency in this life time.

There are such higher heights to reach, such great successes waiting to be chalked, such great discoveries to be made. Don’t let your mother’s brother’s Amponsah & Nephews Ltd. become your wildest aspiration. Savor the present, savor what surrounds you, but don’t get full on it. Be hungry for more. Ask for more. Set your sight on heights that make your neighbourhood’s mountain’s look like the anthills they are. It shouldn’t mean ingratitude with what you have now and you shouldn’t also be obsessed and frustrated with chasing the wild dreams and not achieving them in your estimated time, but dream big!

Can I suggest to you a sure-proof way of reaching the highest heights possible? Living in God’s will! Do you know what it means when it says ‘Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard?’ Why have you trapped God in teabread when he’s just as much a brioche or a croissant or a tagliatella (not talia)?

God’s not tied to tie and die shirts. He’s game for bespoke saville row cut-back collars and all. Don’t ‘help him’ or ‘make his work easier’ by dreaming less. How dare you?! Fly fam! Fly in your dreams and ambitions. He is able to cause foreign kings and dark kingdoms to transfer their wealth to you. Stop aiming to top local charts and being among the top 10 Ghanaians to do anything. The world is yours to have. You are so much more than a local champion. So much more!

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  1. Nii said:

    Truth is lack of ambition makes a man corrupt. If your dreams are too small your ideals will not matter because you think you can hide. Saul was a man of low ambitions David had much higher ambitions. One was the eldest son of a very rich man. The other the youngest son of a rich man who did not stand a chance of inheritting his father. He dreamt of building an Israelite Empire across the Middle East while Saul was dreaming of fighting off Israel’s enemies. Dreaming big keeps a man out of trouble!

    August 9, 2016
  2. Ethelyn said:

    Wow……great lesson. I’m resolving to dreaming big…..My God is not trapped in teabread….hahaha. Thanks

    May 29, 2016
  3. Evelyn Bruce said:

    I was telling my colleagues the other time. The life I have dreamed for myself when I was in class 5,is the life I’m living now. If I had known I would have dreamed bigger. But I have not stopped dreaming anyway. Greater things to come but I’m also content. It’s the doing of the Lord.

    May 26, 2016
    • BenJ said:

      I knoowwww. This is the onething we should all be ‘Oliver Twisting.’ lol. Greater things ahead…

      May 28, 2016
  4. Betty Rhule said:

    “God’s not tied to tie and die shirts. He’s game for bespoke saville row cut-back collars and all.”
    Couldn’t have said it better. Say no to mediocrity! 😃

    May 24, 2016
  5. Maame Fran Cesca said:

    Hehehe..’Why have you trapped God in teabread when he’s just as much a brioche or a croissant or a tagliatella (not talia)?’…not talia yoo…real talk though. What eye has not seen….

    May 24, 2016
  6. Leslie said:

    Hahahahahahahaahhahaha!!! Masre saaaa! Your humor is on point! The lessons you share are also poignant. We couldn’t have asked for better! But chale Bailando is the jam mehn!!!

    May 22, 2016
  7. Elorm said:

    i dare to dream big!
    timely word, Ben.
    this is exactly the stuff i have found myself listening to for a while now..
    thanks for the reminder

    May 22, 2016

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