Give Me Boomshakalaka


IT was a beautiful sunny day after numerous months of torrential rain. As the sun does with its typical magic, everything had a certain exciting glimmer to it. The day was as lively as it could be. The sun had come to play and everybody and their grandmother out.

A group of friends and I had gotten through a few events earlier on in the day. With the sun very slowly but steadily attempting to set, we decided we would make the most of what remained of a beautiful Saturday. There was only one way to do this. We walked from one area of the city, down cherry blossom lined roads that gave way to the grand expanse of water and sand that is the beach. Small and large boats alike were delicately plastered across the horizon, with the teasing sunset acting as the perfect backdrop.

Shayla, Christina, William and myself walked along the beach for a few minutes before deciding we were peckish. When it’s a nice day out, the restaurant patios are always fully occupied. It would almost be a miracle to be able to secure a nice spot. We went from restaurant to restaurant, with each one having a ridiculous wait time. Shayla was leading the pack and suggested we try one last place. It wasn’t the first place we would have gone, but we were out of options at this point. We walked in and asked if there were any seats available and lo and behold, two gentlemen said they were leaving.

We shimmied our way to their table, now ours. It wasn’t a patio, but it was right next to bay-esque windows that overlooked the beach. It was the best of both worlds. We got some drinks, ordered some food and began conversation. We had all been to the same wedding earlier on in the day, so naturally, it didn’t take too long before our conversation gravitated toward the topic of dating.

There was a wide range of sub-topics we touched on, including what exactly “Christian dating” meant and how to engage in it. There were concerns brought up about the attractiveness of the person you want to date, as well as what non-negotiables were. Ultimately, the most interesting discussion centred on how we are sure about the person we are with. How do we know we are supposed to be marrying this person?

“…We’re allowed to decide on certain things on our own” Will stated.

“Yeah, but as humans don’t we just deduce wrongly anyway?” retorted Shayla.

“That’s based on the assumption that you’re not also praying about it. You should be, but that’s one part”

“I’m just saying having certainty would be nice.”

“Certainty is found in the combination of those things. The prayer, the feelings, the emotions. The whole nine. If you’re dating them and you think you’re not compatible, then chances are you aren’t”

“What if God wants you to be with them?”

“Shay, that’s silly. God isn’t going to call you to be with someone you are incompatible with. He’s not into just placing you somewhere so you can be in strife your entire relationship”

“Okay, but Will, there were people in my past I would have married.”

“And yet, here you are, unmarried, knowing you shouldn’t have married them. That must count for something.”

“I just want earth-shattering evidence.”

Christine and I sat quietly, listening to the two of them go back and forth. Eventually, we moved on. Shayla was adamant about wanting a sure answer and Will was sure the certainty came, just not the way Shayla wanted. We had been talking for almost six hours, and it was close to midnight. Evidently fatigued with our quieter voices, and less argumentative demeanours, we decided to call it a night. Before we left, Shay asked what our takeaway was from our conversation.

I said what my take away was. Then Shay sat forward slightly, ready to tell us her take on the night’s conversation. Just as she did, a lemon wedge flew expertly past the shoulders of Will and Christine and hit Shay right in her eye.


Was this calculated? No. Was it precise? Absolutely. It happened so fast, so accurately, that Shay’s eyes didn’t even have the change to reflexively blink to protect themselves. Had Shay been sitting back in her seat the lemon would have hit the wall. Had either Christine or Will not been in the positions they were in, the lemon would have probably hit them in the back.

We asked around, to find out who had thrown the lemon. Apparently, a lady was throwing it over her shoulder. She had not intended to hit anyone with it and she was terribly sorry, and slightly amazed, the lemon even hit anyone. As were we. It just didn’t make much sense, given the direction the woman was sitting in and where Shay was.

Once we had ensured Shay was okay, I couldn’t help but smile. Obviously not because Shay had been hurt, but because she was so insistent on her earth-shattering evidence. This wasn’t earth-shattering, per se. But it certainly shook her world for a few moments.

A part of me felt like it was God saying, I don’t only talk to you through signs and wonders. There’s so many ways in which God speaks to us, but we always want the moving and the shaking. The words of the Bible. The way-too-perfect occurrences. The advice of wiser people. The quiet voice of the Holy Spirit. Common. Sense. These are all great ways in which God speaks to us.

We get too hung up on signs and wonders.

Not everyday boomshakalaka. Sometimes the brain God gave us and the quiet, still voice of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Maame said:

    Earth-shattering evidence though….lovely piece…there are it may be so many voices and none of them is without signification the Good Book says…

    April 28, 2016
    • Ewuraesi said:

      It’s so easy to fall prey wanting our lives moooooveddd so we know it’s God or?

      Thank you for reading 🙂

      May 1, 2016
  2. BenJ said:

    Eeeiiii Bogga Ewuraesi, please there are no patios in Labadi o, where’s the location of this boomshakalaka place?

    April 27, 2016
    • Ewuraesi said:

      Who told you? Tell us the location of your waakye, I will tell you the location of my patio.

      April 27, 2016
  3. Nathan Kwablah said:

    The inner witness/voice, that’s the leading. The difficulty lies in trying to determine what exactly would be the inner voice be or is saying.. Great piece

    April 27, 2016
    • Ewuraesi said:

      That’s a struggle we all have. Deciphering between our own voices and the Holy Spirits.

      Thank you!

      April 27, 2016

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