A Feeling Beyond Orgasm.

This Monday Classic was a scandalous hit. And one of my many favorites. Enjoy 🙂
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874376-002I saw this great movie some time back; there was this disarmingly hoottt babe in it. She used to be very promiscuous and had much sought after waist gyrating skills. But she found Jesus and her life was never the same again.

At a neighborhood picnic, one of the guys she used to do it with came to her and tried his uttermost best to woo her up to his crib, but she just wouldn’t budge. So in frustration, the guy asked “What’s with this change of yours? This Jesus you claim you’ve found, how is he better than all the good times we made and had together?”

She looks into his face, was silent in thought for a second or two, then gave him the best answer ever!  She said “Trey, you know how good it is when at the peak of a very karmasutric bout of sex, a thousand tingly sensations tickle every nerve ending in you and you arch your body in awe of such a blissfully crippling sensation?” by this time Joe’s licking his lips, getting aroused already “Yeah Tricia, I know, I sooo knowwww! What about it?

Well, errtym , eeeeeevvvvery time I’m in worship or in the presence of this Jesus I keep talking about, it’s like that…only ten times better!” by this time, Joe has this weird contorted look on his face “You’re messing with me right? Too bad this Jesus’ a guy, if he was Jesusine or Justine, I might have given it a try, but I’m definitely not letting some guy give me a good time”

I rewound the movie and watched that bit over and over again; meehhn was that a punch line! and a true one too. But let’s look at this logically;

If there is a God, and He did create all things including sex, including the blissful orgasmic sensation that climaxes it, doesn’t it make sense that he’ll reserve for himself a feeling that beats all others? I mean who’ll build a hacienda for his creation and live in a barn? God does know whassup, and if you think sex brings the most blood-curdling sensations, try true worship; you’ll shudder!!!!!

To my drug/coke/white powder-loving friends, it’s true that I’ve never been high before, but I’m absolutely sure that there’s nooo high that beats the rush of a Holy Ghostal experience. And if you don’t believe me, I dare you to find out for yourself!

Except you’re a hopeless, chronic sex addict, even the best sex comes with a guilt trip the morning after and the best booze brings a terrible hangover with it the morning after, but God’s hangover effect is even more pleasant than the main event sef. So seriously, whassup?

Okay, only for research and argumentative purposes, for just one week, resolve to not do any of those things that make experiencing God’s presence difficult. We’re all grown @$$ lads and lasses, we know what’s right from what isn’t, let’s just withdraw from it for just a week. Whilst you’re at that, keep updating God on what’s happening with you every now and then. Hum your fave church songs, listen to your fave gospel songs repeatedly, make one or two bold moves for God, add a tinge of creativity and see if you won’t experience a feeling that beats an orgasm.

See if the ideas for a ground-breaking business concept will not come to mind like a brain wave. See if the peace that floods your soul wont equip you with what it takes to make the soundest decisions and give the wisest counsel, see if the people closest to you won’t notice the sweet subtle change, see if you’ll still be unable to see the bigger picture and God’s own writing on the walls of your life. See if you won’t hear him talk with you or show you sweet and redeeming things in your dreams.

But therein lays our stupidity, that we’ll experience all these alright, but return to the sex and the whatevers, the next chance we get.

But therein lays His grace, that He’ll love us, take us back and strengthen us anyways. Because he’s said that nothing can separate us from his love; not even death!!

But therein lays the wisdom, to not take that grace for granted. And somewhere in-between all those ‘thereins’ lays me and you, consciously deciding right now, to give this God guy a shot.

Let’s find out what He got, if when we give Him the chance, He can beat the most sensuous sensation we ever felt. And maybe, just maybe, your life and mine, will never be the same again.

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  1. akosua said:

    Very deep.hmmmm speechless

    July 11, 2017
  2. Yayra said:

    Nife, you should be proud of yourself seeing I am 2 months shy of 3 years late. Lol.
    There is absolutely nothing sweeter than loving Jesus and enjoying fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Yes I stumble and fall but I ain’t giving up on myself and God. God bless you Ben

    March 31, 2016
  3. nife said:

    OOHHH!!!! i’m disappointed. no one commented on this too? wow… i’m over a year late but thank you soooo much for this piece. it’s encouraging.
    btw what’s the title of the movie? would love to see it

    December 21, 2014
    • BenJ said:

      Lol. Part of those from the past. I forget the title of the movie though. See it’s so good to have you on full throttle. No more ‘prodigalness’ Nife, none!

      December 22, 2014

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