Alma Gemela

I’m in the love groove today because my dearest little cousin is getting married tomorrow and I have the privilege of MCing it. To infect you with my mood, I’m going to share a very special poem with you.

In every sense of the word, I didn’t know what alma gemela was till a few months ago; it’s Spanish for ‘Soul Mate.’ By the way, how is it everything sounds so much more romantic in French or Spanish? Anyway, if you meet a person who yings your yang and makes you see stary nights in the day time, you’ll really like this.

To all the ‘hard guys’ who keep going like “What’s with Ben and all these cheesy mushy stuff?” I see you copying and pasting in a whatsapp chat. I hear you reciting it to her like you wrote each word yourself. It’s cool…but I see you.

Lol, so here goes…


Alma Gemela

You are the stars in my sky,

So how can I look into the night without seeing you?

You are the wetness of my rain

So how can I walk a storm and not feel you?

*        *       *

You are onga in my jollof

So how can I enjoy anything without you?

You are the waves of my sea

So how can I sail without you?

*        *       *

You are the thrust in my wind

So how can I fly without you?

You are the fuel in my engine

There’s no turning on without you.

*        *       *

You are the music in my ears

How can I dance without you?

You are the sparkle in my eyes

How can I see without you?

*        *       *

You are the rose of my heart

There’s no garden without you

You are the tickle in life

Nothing’s funny without you.

*        *       *

You are the treasure in my chest

I have no wealth outside of you

You are the map in my hands

What are roads without you?

*        *       *

You sweety, you are the everything of my life

What is it, without you?

Ben Anyan (c) 2015

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  1. Constante said:

    eiii, wetness of my rain paa! hum…any guy who copies and paste, and sends this to me, will surely make me laugh, but Ill know where it comes from. This poem sounds like one of those silly things guys say, or silly grin they have on their face, when they are SERIOUSLY in love. lol…no offence, guys.
    Good work Ben

    October 17, 2015
  2. Yoky said:

    Lol….cheesy but good! If u guys cld be a little cheesy every now and then, the world will be a better place.

    October 16, 2015

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