The Ultimate Aphrodisiac.

Ghana is more sexually active than a premier league ‘escort’. Forget powdered soap, tooth paste and pure water, the Fastest Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) is anything with aphrodisiac tendencies. Sometimes I think that if a study was published and it came out that cleaning up and dropping waste in a bin would result in better sex, we would have to mine for litter here in Ghana.

No kidding, guys drinking all kinds of potions just to stand a few more seconds. People changing diets, going through great trouble to import contraband goods, sneaking to open ‘Enlarge your *****’ spam e-mails just so that the bliss of sex can be better enjoyed. That’s all well and good (when the sex is legit), but like I’ve said before; the Guy who created this world, who formed us from dust and designed all the shafts and tunnels and nerve endings on our bodies that enable sexual enjoyment, doesn’t it make sense that he’ll reserve for himself a much more blissful release from worshipping him?

People get high on drugs, acquire doctorates in Karma Sutra and go to great lengths just to enjoy an orgasm a pig would laugh at. (I would dye my hair purple if it turns out there’s a human who can have the 30-minute orgasm a pig takes for granted.) So if we really are in search of the purest bliss, why won’t we search around the Creator of bliss itself?

Thing is, every design-loving person wants to see a famous architect’s house because they know he’d keep the best drawings for himself. Every event-loving person wants to be at an event guru’s wedding because they know it’ll be unforgettable. Anyone interested in cars would want to look into a master mechanic’s engine because they know it’ll be a beauty. If a caterer’s food is that good when she makes it for a thousand strangers, imagine how it’d taste when she cooks for the love of her life. So no matter what you do which brings you joy or pleasure, it can’t be anywhere near the awesomeness you will experience when you’re in God’s perfect will. He created that feeling, he kept the aces for himself.

But you can’t use the effect a ‘Lord’s prayer’ or a ‘two-minute Dear God prayer’ as an accurate indicator of the feeling loving God can give. To really really really experience the ultimate bliss, you’ve got to work it! Moving from the outer court to the Holy of Holies is not a joke o. It requires seriousness, commitment, focus, dedication, sensitivity to The Spirit and time. Not many men ever enter the ‘Holy of Holies’, but it’s so possible. That’s where the explosion is.

I put it to you fam; the real man isn’t the one who can make a woman cum with nothing but his pinkie finger neither is the real woman the one who can turn a man on from impotence with a twerk. The real real man or woman is the one who can actually move into God’s Holy of Holies. Gbam! Let’s stop gauging our potency and masculinity with sex. We are bragging on wawa boards whilst marble floors are waiting to be walked on.

Let’s channel half the energy we invest in fulfilling other pleasures into lasting longer with God. The aphrodisiac to enable that too isn’t huhuuuhu; all you need is the Holy Spirit. He’ll make a 5 hour prayer marathon feel like a nap. Another thing that triggers deeper worship/prayer is tragedy. Tragedy can make you do wild spiritual things you never imagined. But let’s not go that route. Let’s just say “HS, teach me where to touch, what to say, how to make this last a lifetime. I am so so so willing to learn” and watch Him lift you to new heights. He’ll fill your heart with prayers and your lips with songs.

Then listen to things that edify you. Because if the things you listen to most of the time make you ‘wake up in new buggatis’ under mysterious circumstances and sh*t and fu*k your whole ride to work, you’re not even getting past His outer court.

Then surround yourself with friends who want that same thing more than you do, allow yourself to get infected. Cut all the bridges, make it clear to Him that if He doesn’t help you find Him, you’re screwed and He will so watch over His word to perform it.

Choose lasting a lifetime in God’s perfect will to lasting 3 rounds on top of a woman. Let your priorities reflect that choice. Peace out.

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  1. Yaa said:

    Great,me likee
    our teles ar filled wid ads of so so bitters dat stimulate sexual drive
    dis bitters..dat gin

    July 19, 2015
  2. Abie said:

    On point

    July 17, 2015
  3. M.B. said:

    “the real man isn’t the one who can make a woman cum with nothing but his pinkie finger neither is the real woman the one who can turn a man on from impotence with a twerk. The real real man or woman is the one who can actually move into God’s Holy of Holies…”

    That right there is a hard truth most of us find impossible to accept and live by in these times of increased perversion, but it must be said; loud and clear to awaken those of us who have “fallen asleep” along the way. And you’ve done justice to it!

    May we all have the grace to sustain us as we choose to tread the path of His will, for it is never easy..

    July 17, 2015
  4. Angie said:

    I like the way you addressed this topic. You said nothing but the truth. It’s good to know there are people who are ready to stand for Christ and not trade Him for a few minutes of pleasure. Kudos.

    July 17, 2015

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