Good evening people. I have a serious topic I’d like to talk about today.

There’s a silent menace most people aren’t aware of that’s going around causing mischief without the people mainly affected even realizing there’s something gravely wrong. Let me illustrate this even further.

dhmo - shelfThere’s this bit of information floating around through the ether we call the Internet I’m pretty sure most of you are not aware of. There is a growing awareness concerning a substance known as Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) which apparently has been present in increasingly more varied ways within our environment with frankly quite alarming qualities!

Let’s talk some science for a bit as it gets a bit technical here – Now its basis is the highly reactive hydroxyl radical, a species shown to mutate DNA, denature proteins, disrupt cell membranes, and chemically alter critical neurotransmitters. Its atomic components have been found in a number of caustic, explosive and poisonous compounds such as Sulfuric Acid, Nitroglycerine, and Ethyl Alcohol! Read More Public Service Announcement: It’s in the Water!


MEN cheat. Men lie. Men pretend to be one thing and they aren’t in the next minute. Men are unfaithful. Men are disrespectful. We are tired of the ups and downs that men put us through. Can’t someone just come and be a gentleman? Can’t we get a chivalrous man to open doors and stand up for us?

There are plenty of men who need ample work and are nothing to write home about. However, there are equally as many men who are genuine, caring, loving gentlemen. I’m not sure how women can continue to spew this “all men are dogs” talk. There is, at the very least, one man out there who is genuine and respectful. If there is one, there has to be more than one.

Think about it for a second. You can’t possibly think that God created human kind and created jeh jeh women. Women who are good, and virtuous, and respectful, only so they can be left with whom? If there are no good men out there, who are the people who are meant to be your brothers, uncles, fathers, nephews, cousins, and friends?

Read More All Men Are Dogs


The internet makes the world feel like a neighborhood. A bus runs through a crowd in France and hearts bleed in Accra. A bomb goes off in a Bagbad airport and the traveller in Kotoka shudders. There’s so much tension, so much bad blood, so much political corruption, so many horrific things happening and I might just know how to stop it. For good!

You see, a black president, a policy change, a peace walk, a celebrity campaign against violence are only as effective in dealing with the tragic spate of things as a cup of Sobolo will be in solving a three-day hunger. It wont work. An online campaign wont work. Raising awareness and whatever comes out of it may at best look like its working for a while, but it wont solve it for good. There must be a better way and there is! The family.

Think about it; anyone old enough to say a hurtful word or squeeze a trigger was a cute cuddly baby some years back. He was a blank canvas. He cried when mum pulled out her boob before he was full. He pooped his pants and giggled when he saw the disgust on dad’s face as he changed the diapers. They were born. All of them. But into what? Read More How Terrorists Are Born And The Way Out


When was the last time you had a headache? I had one yesterday and it was quite the nuisance, I tell you.
pmol - headacheIt’s been years since I had to rely on anyone to get me any drug to take though so I decided to wait it out, unlike the real pounder I had last 2 weeks. Nothing I tried worked – I drank some water, slept, and woke up with it still pulsating. I ended up taking a painkiller to end it and after an hour or so, it actually dissipated and I could get back to season 3 of ‘The Last Ship’ again. 😀

What occurred to me later was actually the utility of an ‘old’ painkiller – Paracetamol. I hated it with a passion when I was much younger because I hadn’t fully managed to wrap my head around how to swallow a bitter pill without actually tasting it – and boy was that taste Vile!

pmol - pmolYears later, before medical school, like the typical Ghanaian, I’d developed a subconscious ‘disrespect‘ that bordered on scorn for that pill! Whenever I’d contract malaria or some other illness with associated pain, I’d mentally shake my head at the lack of smarts of the prescribing doctor in adding Paracetamol to my drugs. Read More Love Like Paracetamol!


I’m beginning to wonder if doctors are just writers who grew up confusing a stethoscope for a pen. I mean look at Tele, who does his thing with Tele Tuesdays and our recent smash hit guest writer Sally Boateng who is a Doctor in training. Today as well, we have a doctor guest blogger writing about nothing close to the circulatory system.

Dr. Izzy is a long time fan here and it was worth waiting for her to come around to writing this; it clearly came from somewhere deep. They say if a crocodile tells you about something going down in the river, better believe it. I suggest you give this doctor-writer woman your attention if you have plans of keeping your woman. She is a croc 😉


The good book says he who finds a wife finds a good thing. A good number of guys I know have been finding good things lately and bagging them. Dapper dudes + blushing brides and everything in between make for such perfect pictures. The journey of the rest of your lives is beginning and you look forward to this beautiful thing, which is great.

You met the lady of your dreams, cool. You put a ring on it, sweet. Now it is time to get serious. Read More How To Keep Her For Life –Guest Blogger Izzy Suarez


YOU must have heard the term “blind faith”.

Who was the person who started saying it and why? I know what it alludes to, seeking things we have not seen yet. Howevuurrrr, I have never liked that phrase, blind faith. I never did think there was anything blind about my faith. Ergo, I was unsure why anyone else’s faith had to be blind when there was more than enough evidence to have faith with sight.

I am no expert, but I don’t think we are called to follow blindly like sheep. We do, and should, follow like sheep in many ways, agreed, I’m not sure it should apply to our faith. The idea of faith is to believe in something that you cannot see, something unimaginable, something beyond you and your feeble mind. Or mine, anyway. True as that may be, that faith is rooted in something. It has to be.

For myself, it’s rooted in the things I doubted, what I have seen, what I have heard and why that foreshadows what is to come. We are allowed to have doubts. I don’t think you would be human if you didn’t have doubts. Faith is having the doubt, but doubting the doubt, instead of doubting God.


Read More Leave Your Brain At Home


Confession Time!

I actually had no idea whatsoever what to write about this week; not that there isn’t a wide range of possible things to gripe about: Brexit, Bleaching, Politics, Sports – I couldn’t possibly exhaust them, really. Coupled with a busy schedule, I nearly missed the Eureka moment that gave me this particular article for you.

Good people suffer.good - unfair

This statement isn’t as simple as it sounds. A senior colleague said this about 2 years ago and, to my personal shame, I’m only just now understanding it.

You see, on cursory examination, it seems like an unfair statement because the laws of Karma (which you’re not necessarily subject to as a Christian btw, but that’s another story 😉 ) dictate that good people should get good things, and bad people should get bad. Read More Good People Suffer



When drone photography started becoming a thing in Ghana some time last year, my friend Fii got a kit from Amazon. Fii has always loved photography. He saved for three months to afford the drone and it took a month for it to arrive in Ghana.

He was so excited, like the next-in-line cockerel looking on as the top cock is being prepared for lightsoup. The very next day, he took it to labadi beach to figure it out. He wanted to learn how to maneuver it somewhere trees and buildings wouldn’t get in the way. He fixed the blades and the other parts like the manual instructed, then he inserted the batteries in the drone and the remote. He set the drone in the beach sand, pressed the power button and touched the joystick on the remote lightly.

With a low buzz, the drone lifted clumsily like a dazed housefly. Fii was ecstatic! He’d never had a fancy toy as a boy nor gone to piloting school, but there he was flying this mini AirForce 1 chopper look-alike. After a few minutes he got the hang of it. He’d let it go high up, then bring it all the way down. He’d send it to the far end then pull it back in, but somewhere between here and there, he got a bit too excited. He flew it a bit too high, a bit too far over the Atlantic Ocean and when he pulled the joystick, setewaa, the drone didn’t return. The signal had broken and his fancy photography gadget was now heading towards Europe at 10 mph! Read More I’m coming home


I like to think of myself as a strong, independent, woman. A woman who knows what she’s about and knows when she doesn’t know what she’s about. Being that kind of woman, the notion of submitting to a man is a little uncomfortable.

I remember coming across this in many spiritual texts and talks and thinking, I’m sorry, that goes against the independent, strong woman that I am trying to be. I can’t be having my M.O interrupted because some man needs a feeble, quiet woman. Yet, there it was, everywhere, with no seeming loophole.

We can be thankful that time and experience are great teachers and we aren’t slaves to our juvenile thoughts because I have grown ooo!

Of course, the rest of you can read as well (it would be great if you did) but this is really for all the women who can relate to that description of myself. The Strong-willed, opinionated, head strong (we don’t like the word stubborn), independent, whatever-other-powerful-words-you-can -think-of women.

Alright. Are you ready for it? Here:


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When you meet a man who moves you with his words, his voice, his charisma, his swag, his talent…you’re watching a synthesis of the people and things that have inspired him. No one becomes great with no reference whatsoever to any external help or inspiration, it just doesn’t work that way.

Brief digression: among my vast sources of inspiration is Alexander the great (some parts of his story). When the astronomers in his time told him of the worlds beyond earth and the other planets dancing in the galaxy, he broke down in tears.

Ooo Alex don’t be like that. How can this startling discovery make a conqueror like you cry?

(whimpering) because after all these years, I’m not done conquering one world and now see how many more there are! Read More The Head That Wears The Oil.