Hello! Ewuraesi, here. I’m really glad to meet you. I like Ben’s introduction of me, but if he missed anything of interest to you, please let me know.

To tell you the truth, i’m partially excited and partially nervous about all this. I’m hoping it’ll be both fun and edifying for both you and me. I’m not putting myself in a box, but for the most part, I’ll be talking a lot about relationships and general “taboo” topics we are all thinking but not discussing. Also, things from a woman’s perspective. But if tere’s anything else you would like to hear about, I’m all ears.

Speaking of relationships, here’s a post that’s part fiction, part factual about falling in love and cheating. Enjoy!

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WE sat in my car in front of one of the school buildings. He insisted I come and see him. I insisted I had other things to do, but I would pass by for a few minutes. I pulled up in my tiny car and he walked over, popping his head through the rolled-down window.


“Joshua,” I said with a smile.

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short story

When you’ve been boys boys in a house for a long time, used to walking around in boxers and all, it’s a very startling sight to suddenly see a nice nice gerh playing video game in your hall, but that’s just what is happening here on Goldinwords! Ewuraesi is playing Fifa and drinking Sobolo in our hall. But she’s not bad at it, in fact she’s not bad at all and she’s keen to meet you. Let me do the introduction. Read More There’s A Girl In Our House!


It seems to me that nowadays I spend so much time putting ideas together to tell a fetching story or express myself prosaically that I’ve forgotten one of my original first loves: Poetry

I started avidly writing poetry for a single reason: catharsis. Very few things can get that burden off your mind than committing it to paper in a stanza or two, trust me. Since 2003 Poetry became my favourite medium of expression and though I have no diary (or do I? 😉 ), flipping through my first poetry book takes me on a trip of wry smiles down memory lane none but I can understand.

poem - confPoetry is not supposed to be obscure or confusing, boring or necessarily repetitive – and of course, rhyming is only optional. Poetry is supposed to make you feel something – whether a subtle joke or profound twist of truth, or just whatever you’d have picked up by the last line.

But I think what freaks me out the most about poetry is that the best kinds are open to interpretation and can even end up telling you more about the Reader than the Poet!

So let me know what you think of this untitled poem I wrote way back in 2007 in the comments below. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel?


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Somewhere last year (especially around March), I realized the massive difference starting 2015 with God was making. This year I did the very logical thing and greatly repeated step one. So when I was hanging out with Him and we were talking about 2016, I carefully considered what one thing I wanted for this year. What one thing would I truly want to characterize 2016? Then Genevieve came to mind!

Genny is a sterling sterling worship leader at the church I visit on most Fridays. Deezzz ggeerrrhhh caaann siinnng, whaattt!! For nearly two years I’ve been her biggest fan and I haven’t even spoken to her, I’m shy like that. Lol. But in listening to Genny, I hear the sharp contrast between talent and anointing. I don’t think she’s the best singer in the world, I think there are others who can oscillate and ad-lib better than she does, but there is just something about her voice. It’s…it’s…it’s oily. Read More I Want Some Of Genny’s Oil!


anger - thoughtWhenever I decide to write, I spend a little time in thought to set me off. I pick a thought out of the maelstrom of ideas swirling through my mind daily and let the words fall as they should. The easiest ball to set rolling, however, is that which stems from either recent experiences or unfinished thoughts and conversations.

I, however, find myself needing to vent today, just get a few things off my chest that are causing havoc upstairs here. It’s not because of a lack of topics, though – I mean, I did take the famed Mr. Kwashie’s tailored suit out this weekend and I believe my social status appreciated by at least 35-54% at that beautiful wedding *wink* *wink*; I was in Accra and couldn’t say hi to all the people I was supposed to meet up with because I was busy (for which I’ll be apologizing profusely over the next few weeks to months, I’m sure); and then I discovered the joys of night travel on a bus between Sunyani and Accra (as long as you don’t have the middle backseat and a man next to you doesn’t politely ask that you allow his 7-year old to lie on a cloth in front of y’all so she can sleep…! Yes, that’s another typically Ghanaian long story…!) Read More The 5 Stages in Making Lemonade…!


Guess What?!!! You can either listen to the post or read it. I suggest you do both because even though the audio is fine, the text has links you can click on to send you to the specific post I’m talking about, and that’s a very easy way of checking them out. So I’ve also inserted the audio at the end of the post.

Disclaimer: It wasnt professionally done. We are all trying small small, so dont judge me :-). Mark the effort not the thing ankasa.

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This year has been exciting and so eventful! We’ve crossed more milestones than I imagined possible, like last week, we crossed 3k facebook fams and 1.2k email subscribers. As for the weekly turn out….dont go there. Lol, but certainly all the glory is rightly God’s; even a blind eye can see His writings on the wall. And you, you’ve been amazing. All the comments you made and that one time you sent an email, I seeee youuuuuuu. The whole bunch of new fams discovered Goldinwords because a friend shared a post on facebook or in some whatsapp group or somewhere else, and that’s proof of your awesomeness. Read More 2015’s Top 10 posts [Voice Note!]


There was a time when everybody understood that Love was serious business: none (okay, very few) would play with it. People generally said what they meant and meant what they said so even common utterances weren’t to be taken for granted, thoughtless of using the big ‘L’…

say it 1But now, every third monkey uses the word Love, not even as it was meant to be used, but just as one other word in their repertoire for getting what they want. We have come to despise the honest use of the word because it has been abased by charlatans and is indeed safer to deny its truth immediately than to accept even the slightest of possibilities that it could be true; because it’s been proven more often than not be false – thank you Liar Liar… Love has NOTHING to do with selfishness…

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I’m going to tell you something about Christmas you’ve never heard before! No, it has nothing to do with the Donkey being a twin or Bethlehem being in Africa, it’s much more serious…with implications that are going to have you walking around this Senior High School of life like the School Prefect is dating your sister.

I heard it from TD Jakes in what must be my most impactful podcast of 2015. We all focus on Christmas being about the miraculous birth of the Messiah and the story of the ‘We 3 kings’ guys. We’ve juiced out all the lessons from the stars the shepherds saw and the Herod wahala, but there was a much bigger game plan in motion. We’re all neck-deep in secret santa and ‘akwaabaing’ the boggas and expecting 13th month bonuses and soaking in the harmattan and karaoking Carols, but oh if you only knew! Read More The Story Jesus Never Told Mary


I think what I learnt most from Mr. Kwashie was what knowing your significant other afforded: a front-row seat to learning their Character, and building Friendship.

Character won’t really change by the way – more often than not, what you see is really what you get. Maya Angelou really knew what she was talking about here:kwashie2 - believe them

I jokingly told someone that not all relationships were held together by Love – “…some are held together only by Carpentry!” …and it Works!

Since time immemorial, people have gotten together in relationships and marriage for a slew of reasons – familial interests or edict, procreation to ensure continuance of a bloodline, peace between families or tribes, access to water rights, ‘legitimate’ sexual intercourse, bragging rights, boredom, “too long a relationship not to marry him/her” – I really could go on and on but I’m sure you get my drift by now. Read More A Stitch in Time & Your Best Friend!


Eye-witness account: trucked goats!
Eye-witness account: trucked goats!

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, all protocol observed. As I write this, there are more goats on the highways to Accra than there are human beings. Tipper trucks, 207 buses, pickups and ambitious motorbikes are all literally bleating! The cows are snickering, insha Allahu Ramadan is a year away. The chickens are fully aware of the genocide ahead. The cockerels are working the hens like Russian immigrants…this earth won’t be their home for long and they know it. The adolescent cocks smile at their lean thighs and bony backs; the reasons why they never won a fight are the same ones that will now increase their life expectancy.

The pigs are not sure how to react. Ghanaians have become too fond of ‘Pork Show’ joints and business class domedo hang outs. They had more hope when the Muslims were celebrating…Christians don’t hear. You know, there’s no question about the fact that Christmas is about the birth of the Messiah, but it also reminds me of my best childhood days. Christmas is when all the joys and luxuries missed out on during the year are compensated for with jollof rice, full boiled eggs, minerals, chips and Piccadilly biscuits. Read More State of The Christmas Address.